Sistemas y Taoísmo


  • Lucio Patricio Omar Chávez Igor

Palabras clave:

taoísmo, tai chi, enfoque sistémico


This article seeks to establish a conceptual link between the Systemic Approach and philosophical Taoism, through the description of the main notions of each conception. Regarding philosophical Taoism, its origins are described and the notions of Tao, Yin and Yang, and Wu Wei are reviewed and, regarding the systemic, the classic concepts of system are reviewed, their properties (Totality, feedback, hierarchy, entropy and negentropy, homeostasis, among others), as well as the ideas of first and second order cybernetics. The main characteristics of Tai Chi Chuan are also described, some reflections arising in the context of personal practice and that aim to show a parallel between some concepts of philosophical Taoism and the Systemic Approach.

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Lucio Patricio Omar Chávez Igor

Universidad de Valparaíso. Email:




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Chávez Igor, L. P. O. (2022). Sistemas y Taoísmo. Revista REDES, (44), 47–62. Recuperado a partir de